Latest update

Dear Friends, 
We hope you are well despite these unprecedented times. Inevitably ATMA’s plans to create and tour its new children’s show Spy Monkey have been put on hold. However, behind the scenes we have been hard at work with all are hugely valued and supportive partners. Together, we are hopeful to bring the new work to you during the Spring/Summer 2021 season.  Updates will be posted here, so please do watch this space for more information over the coming months. 

ACE Emergency Funding Success! We are delighted to announce ATMA Dance are a recipient of ACE’s Emergency Response Fund. We are most grateful to the Arts Council of England for their continued support. This grant gives us an exciting new opportunity to create a  new show designed specifically for online viewing called Dancing Mudras. and a new look for ATMA’s website, which will include a special section for our younger audiences.  

Thinking of you ATMA Dance is indebted to all our partners, ATMA board members and Arts Council England for their massive continued support. 
We are rooting for all our fellow, talented and hard-working creatives; promoters; as well as venues and arts organisations. We’re sending our good wishes that you continue to thrive! 

For now, we leave you with an inspirational image by Dr Akhtar Hussain from Mangalore, India.  Grip of Life has been hanging in ATMA’s studio for almost two decades. It ‘portrays the struggle of life in the harsh environment of the unyielding rock in adverse conditions. This tree represents perseverance against all odds’. (2001-2002, Commonwealth Photographic Awards)