Eve Rising

Introducing Eve Rising, a new solo created by ATMA’s Artistic Director Mayuri Boonham earlier this year. Initially commissioned for the BBC Young Dancer 2019 competition, it was also performed at Latitude Festivaland has been described as ‘A real gem of a piece’ (David Mead, seeingdance.com).


Mayuri has also been invited by Akademi to present a work for Descendants, a performance that forms part of their 40th anniversary celebrations, at Southbank Centre, Sunday 29 September.


Eve Rising was initially created for, and first performed by, Shree Savani for the BBC Young Dancer 2019 Grand Finals in May. The solo has subsequently been expanded to be performed to the entire score of ‘Apple Blossom’ by Peter Garland, and is performed by one of ATMA’s long-term dancers, Archana Ballal.


ATMA are delighted that Eve Rising at Descendants will include live music performed by an extremely talented percussion quartet from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire:  Aidan Hammond, Simon Arriola Segura, Alex Henshaw and BBC Young Musician 2016 winner Andrew Woolcock. Huge thanks to RBC for making this possible!